Finer trace of method calls in Rails

I'm fairly new to Elastic APM and we're using it to keep the data within our infrastructure.

We're tracking some performance issues in our Rails app at the moment and the reporting of Rails controller actions as transactions works fairly well. Unfortunately, we don't seem to get any data on methods, other than the topmost action method, that was called, but no subsequent calls to models, etc. (I think that is referred to as spans?)

Is there any way to surface that information in APM? I've seen that there have been mentions of dropped spans in the transaction detail, but don't know if that is the issue.

Kibana version: 7.2.5
Elasticsearch version: 7.5.2
APM Server version: 7.5.2
APM Agent language and version: Ruby 3.5.0

Hi Markus!

They should turn up automatically as SQL spans if that's what they are? What version of Rails and Ruby are you using? Anything special about the Rails app?

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