Finger Print is the Best method

*Finger Print is the Best method for Identification and Security *


   *1. Finger print of every person is unique, that is, no two ersons

have same finger print*

    *2. Finger print does not change with time. Human face changes with

dress up, hairstyle, age and artificial makeups. So, photo of human face is
not useful in the long run.*

     *3. Finger print is very easy and less time consuming to take.

Someone needs only some ink to imprint his fingerprint. Whereas,
photography is complex and time consuming*

    *4. Cost of Finger Print is really minimal.*

    *5. Scanning of Finger Print is easy.*

    *6.Matching of Finger Print is easy. In automated computerized

system, does not need manual assistance at all. but Matching of photography
is really hard thing and direct human viewing is required most of the
*7. Finally, photography of human is harwaam and finger print is
allowed. *

So, in all respects, avoid using photo for detection and security, rather
use finger print which far more dependable, accurate and ensure practical

Discard using photo of human face in Id card, rather use finger print.

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