First level filtering with Filebeat


Is it possible to use processors and fields from Filebeat modules and write the filtered out events through the output.file module ? I am hoping filebeat should be flexible enough to do this. I don't want to display in Kibana for now.

My filebeat.yml looks like this.

- input_type: log
    - "/root/logstash/working_dir/*"
    - drop_event:
             apache2.access.response_code: 200

    - module: apache2
         enabled: true
         vars.path: ["/root/logstash/working_dir/*"]
      path: "/root/logstash"
      filename: filebeat_out

I run it with

/usr/share/filebeat/bin/filebeat -c /etc/filebeat/filebeat.yml.rpmsave -e -modules=apache2

But this isn't dropping any events where Response code is 200.
Do I have to configure paths for both prospector and processor ?
I could not find few fluid examples. Do you think there is room for some small yet explanatory examples like this one in the documentation ?


Hi @Sarfaraz_Ahmad,

Fields processing happens later in the chain (in logstash or ingest node), if you want to filter those you will need to use a processor matching the string, take as an example, using regexp matching

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I will try to be more precise,

What i understand from the documentation is that I can use processors instead of using regex with prospectors to filter events out.
For that filtering to happen do I need ingest node feature from elasticsearch ? or say grok filter from logstash ?

Quote from the page "
You define processors in the filebeat.yml file to filter and enhance the data before sending events to the configured output." suggests that Filebeat should be able to use these modules and filter them out before sending to ingest node feature or logstash ?

I need to filter out DNS query logs for some specific domains. It would be intensive to ship out the entire DNS query logging to logstash/elasticsearch for filtering. I want to do it Filebeat and not write complex regular expressions for prospectors.
I would rather just morph apache2/nginx or anyother filebeat module to achieve this.

But is this even possible in the first place? Or are the grok expressions that I see in Filebeat modules
(here intended for ingest node feature of elasticsearch ? and even with modules installed, all the logs will be shipped over to elasticsearch and elasticsearch/ingest does the filtering there ?

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