FIXED: Mapping Error: [_index] can not be changed to [string]

Turns out a user was updating documents with a new field "_index" and was causing all of the issues.
It is odd elasticsearch will allow documents to be updated with fields like _index and _id....

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I'm getting the following error and I'm having trouble understanding how a metadata field like [_index] can have this problem and how I can fix it. I've had this problem before, but with my custom fields so I could easily change my mapping and re-ingest the data to fix the issues. I tried to edit my mapping for _index but that promptly failed as the [_index] field can not be changed...

message [failed to update mappings], failure [IllegalArgumentException[Mapper for [_index] conflicts with existing mapping in other types:
[mapper [_index] cannot be changed from type [_index] to [string]

OS: Centos7
ES version: 2.1.2

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

We'll leave it, it might help someone in future.
So thanks for updating it with your resolution! :smiley: