Fixed search thread_pool, unbounded queue_size, but "rejected" increases

I'm attempting to diagnose an increase in overall latency and error rates
during periods of high traffic. I'm looking at my thread_pool settings
right now.

Here are my node settings (_cluster/nodes?clear=true&thread_pool=true):

Specifically, please note fixed, and -1. I understand this means an unbounded
queue, which means no request may be rejected, merely delayed.

Here are my node stats (_cluster/nodes/stats?clear=true&thread_pool=true):

Specifically, please look at

And the same output a few minutes later:

What is causing these search requests to get rejected? From my
understanding, this should be impossible. Or, is this a red herring?


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I'm looking at this gist and it looks like you issued this command on an older version of ES. I am on 1.7.3 and this API looks gone. Has it been replaced with another command?

I am trying to clear my search queue as it is jammed up with 6000+ queries.

Thank you!