Fleet not sending data after cluster upgrade

Hello. Last Thursday I upgraded an Elastic cluster to 7.17.10. Since then, Fleet has not been collecting any data from agents and the Fleet server itself doesn't appear to communicating with the cluster.

After restarting elastic-agent on the Fleet server, here are the logs:

2023-06-21T16:05:21.302-0400    INFO    application/application.go:67   Detecting execution mode
2023-06-21T16:05:21.303-0400    INFO    application/application.go:88   Agent is in Fleet Server bootstrap mode
2023-06-21T16:05:21.575-0400    INFO    [api]   api/server.go:62        Starting stats endpoint
2023-06-21T16:05:21.575-0400    INFO    application/fleet_server_bootstrap.go:130       Agent is starting
2023-06-21T16:05:21.575-0400    INFO    [api]   api/server.go:64        Metrics endpoint listening on: /var/lib/elastic-agent/data/tmp/elastic-agent.sock (configured: unix:///var/lib/elastic-agent/data/tmp/elastic-agent.sock)
2023-06-21T16:05:21.575-0400    INFO    application/fleet_server_bootstrap.go:140       Agent is stopped
2023-06-21T16:05:21.578-0400    INFO    stateresolver/stateresolver.go:48       New State ID is rb9pAWf7
2023-06-21T16:05:21.578-0400    INFO    stateresolver/stateresolver.go:49       Converging state requires execution of 1 step(s)
2023-06-21T16:05:21.612-0400    INFO    operation/operator.go:284       operation 'operation-install' skipped for fleet-server.7.17.10
2023-06-21T16:05:21.694-0400    INFO    log/reporter.go:40      2023-06-21T16:05:21-04:00 - message: Application: fleet-server--7.17.10[]: State changed to STARTING: Starting - type: 'STATE' - sub_type: 'STARTING'
2023-06-21T16:05:21.694-0400    INFO    stateresolver/stateresolver.go:66       Updating internal state
2023-06-21T16:05:23.215-0400    WARN    status/reporter.go:236  Elastic Agent status changed to: 'degraded'
2023-06-21T16:05:23.215-0400    INFO    log/reporter.go:40      2023-06-21T16:05:23-04:00 - message: Application: fleet-server--7.17.10[]: State changed to DEGRADED: Running on policy with Fleet Server integration: 6b4fd400-1fb8-11ec-977d-05d1caf13f05; missing config fleet.agent.id (expected during bootstrap process) - type: 'STATE' - sub_type: 'RUNNING'

Agents do appear as "Healthy" in Fleet in Kibana and I am able to upgrade some of them to the newest version, though some get stuck in Updating phase.

The actual Fleet agent on the Default Fleet Server Policy has been offline since the upgrade.

elastic-agent is also in active (running) state on its server.

Wasn't sure the appropriate method for fixing this.

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