Fleet: Override Elasticsearch URL at policy level

Hi All,

Is it possible to override Elasticsearch URL for fleet on policy Level? I see in the UI we only have global setting. We use Elastic Cloud service.

Use Case:

  • For on premise agent it should connect to the public URL
  • For agent in AWS we want to have it connected via Private Link URL (.vpce.)

If we enter both URLs we have a lot of error messages on on premise elastic agent because private link DNS cannot be resolved.

It would be nice to be able to override Elasticsearch URLs at policy level.

Thank you.


HI @nugroho-expereo Unfortunately we don't have that feature yet. One related issue you can find here: [Fleet] Support configuring and referencing multiple outputs · Issue #90414 · elastic/kibana · GitHub Maybe you can chime in there with your use case.

I'm pretty sure we also have somewhere a more recent issue tracking this per policy but could not find it right now. Will link the two together when I find it.

Thank you @ruflin . I have added my comment to the issue.

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