Flush syncing on rotated indicies

Thinking about running an operation procedure that should do flushed sync on daily 'rotated' indices and wondering...

Would this be a feasible and good idea and what to avoid?

If we after midnight do synced flush per index of 'yesterday' and avoid any future [re]flush operations on such indices, would this maintain sync markers per daily indices' shards for future faster resyncs/restarts?

Or should we just do a synced flush on all indices at demand eg. before performing a rolling restart etc.?

There is no need. In recent versions synced flush is deprecated and does nothing more than a regular flush, which Elasticsearch will do automatically anyway.

Okay, recent version as in...?
Are still on v.6.8 here.

"Recent" meaning "not past EOL", so not including 6.8. I don't recall the details in 6.8 although I don't recall ever seeing anyone else doing periodic synced flushes. If it were me I'd focus on upgrading to 7.x instead.

:slight_smile: v.7 is on the road map, but until then I thought of doing nightly syncs...

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