Folder hierarchy in elasticsearch

Actually in my use case i set permissions on folder and the subfolder will inherit those permission from its parent .
So the thing i want to know is that is there any way that properties from grandparent and from further parents can be inherited automatically by its children .

This isn't an Elasticsearch question as much as a question about the file system permissions of your operating system. I'm guessing it's Windows in your case, and I'm pretty sure Windows supports multi-level inheritance but only if the immediate parent inherits its permissions from its parent, i.e. given a A\B\C hierarchy, C will only inherit A's permissions if B does it. C can't inherit directly from A.

No its not related yo file system .actually i am storing documents in elasticsearch like this file system hierarchy .the thing i want to know is that if a change is made in the grandparent will it be automatically reflected in its grandchildren .

Are you talking about parent/child relationships in documents?

Yes ,but actually I want to know if changes are made in a grandparent then will those changes be reflected in its grandchildren ? I mean does multilevel hierarchy works in elasticsearch .Or is it true that parent child relationship wotks only upto one level .

Right, well there is no such thing as folders in ES so that is why @magnusbaeck didn't understand you.

The whole concept of P/C is that you can link the documents, but they are updated discretely.
I don't know what sort of changes you are talking about though so it's hard to say.