For allocating unassigned replicas: Why does DiskThresholdDecider need free disk space >= shard size when only a few MBs need to be recovered

ES5; Index size ~500GB, ShardSize ~45GB each.

I have a 120GB disk and only 2 of the shards of this index are allocated on this disk.

Currently, these replica shards are unassigned, with reason NODE-LEFT, doing a PEER recovery but failing due to Disk ThresholdDecider decision.

: TraceLevel="WARN" [org.elasticsearch.cluster.routing.allocation.decider.DiskThresholdDecider] after allocating, node [ABC] would have less than the required 0b free bytes threshold (-6042180175 bytes free), preventing allocation

The disk currently has > 40GB of free disk space and the unassigned replica shards are already ~43-44GB in size and probably need to sync only a few MBs from the primary to be up to date. Why is DiskThresholdDecider preventing allocation in this scenario?

  1. Why do we need free disk space > = shard size for Peer recovery when only a few MBs need to be recovered?
  2. The DiskThresholdDecider seems to be overly conservative in allowing allocation on a node based on disk space. Any ways to loosen up these constraints?

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