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My snapshot repo has filled up and I don't seem to be able to force delete any old snapshots.

When I try to delete an old snapshot, I get this:

   "error": {
      "root_cause": [
            "type": "repository_exception",
            "reason": "[tmp] failed to update snapshot in repository"
      "type": "repository_exception",
      "reason": "[tmp] failed to update snapshot in repository",
      "caused_by": {
         "type": "file_system_exception",
         "reason": "/elasticsearch/backups/tmp/pending-index-8371-7Pcd70vUSk2d8wsvLAfzfg: No space left on device"
   "status": 500

I know I could go into the FS and delete the files, which I've done in the past - but I'd imagine there must be some way to force a delete from the API

EDIT: Version 5.2.0, 5 nodes, all data on running on CentOS 7 - using an NFS share as the repo.

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What is the request you are issuing?


delete _snapshot/tmp/my-old-snapshot

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Where are you issuing that from, it doesn't look valid.


Sense. I tried curl too, but obviously that would be slightly different:

curl -XDELETE "localhost:9200/_snapshot/tmp/my-old-snapshot?pretty"

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