Force merge reduced performance

Hi Team,
I forced merged my index to reduce segment size from 82 to 5, with the hope of increasing the search performance.
Dashboard load time for the same index was as follows,
82 segments - 10 seconds
5 segments - 250 seconds

As per the documents referred performance should be increased, any idea for this behavior?

My Data information
1 index only
5 shards
50 million docs
Index size (primary)

  • 2 GB - after force merge
  • 3.5GB - before force merge
    Replicas - 1

My cluster information,
Es, kibana - 6.3.0 version
3 node cluster
15gb 4 core
7gb heap
400Gb disk per node

You should test your queries in the dev console and just look at the took field.
Here you also have some browser rendering...

Some comments:

  • one shard is probably enough for your dataset
  • test the search request multiple times as the OS cache is not used the very first time

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