Force shards rebalance when new empty node has joined

It is similar to the question.

Let's assume I have 5 ES data nodes, 11 indexes with replica=2. When I add an extra data node it remains empty. Is there a way to automatically rebalance all shards and fill in 6th node effectively?

I didn't find any proper answer except creating your own script which will calculate weights, amount of nodes and run _cluster/reroute on its own. I believe there should be possibility to rebalance cluster without 3rd party scripts.

The only reason it would do that is if allocation has been disabled.
Did you check cluster settings?

cluster.routing.rebalance.enable set to all

What else is in cluster settings, there's nothing in there or....?

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thanks. my bad. didn't notice
"exclude" : {
"_host" : ""

Quick question, how to remove exclude properly? Set it to an empty string?

Yeah, you can't remove a setting in <5.0 unfortunately :frowning:
Well you can, but needs a restart.

thanks a lot.