Fork/exec /var/task/functionbeat: exec format error: PathError null

Hi, When deploying functionbeat, I can get it to successfully deploy to Lambda. However, when looking at logs I get the following error-

fork/exec /var/task/functionbeat: exec format error: PathError null "<bucket>"
  - name: eventlogsfunctionbeat
    enabled: true
    type: kinesis
    description: "lambda function for event log kinesis"
      - event_source_arn: arn:aws:kinesis:eu-west-1:<account>:stream/OrganizationCloudTrailStream
  hosts: ["https://<url>"]
  username: 'elastic'
  password: '<password>'
  index: "functionbeat"

  host: "https://<url>"
  username: 'elastic'
  password: '<password>' "functionbeat"
setup.template.pattern: "functionbeat-*"
setup.template.enabled: false```

The lambda function works when using Cloudwatch as the input, but doesn't when using kinesis

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