Error if FunctionBeat´s lambda name is changed

I'm trying to deploy Functionbeat lambda in AWS with a custom name. If I deploy it with the default name, cloudwatch, it works successfully but if I change the default name to any other name, once deployed it doesn't work, it fails with the following error:

fork/exec /var/task/functionbeat-aws: no such file or directory: PathError null

This is a snippet of the configuration file (the value of the name field is the one that i'm trying to change):

  # Define the list of function availables, each function required to have a unique name.
  # Create a function that accepts events coming from cloudwatchlogs.
  - name: cloudwatch
    enabled: true
    type: cloudwatch_logs

¿How can I change the name of the lambda function? Suggestions are well appreciated : )


Is this a similar problem: go - Getting error "fork/exec /var/task/main: no such file or directory" while executing aws-lambda function - Stack Overflow ?

Maybe, but I don't have the source code of the FunctionBeat so I can't check it. I tried changing the handler name as suggested in that URL but I get the same error.

The curious thing about this is that if I set the function name as "cloudwatch" it works, if i change the name of the function to "testfunction" or whatever keeping the rest of the configuration untouched, it stops working.

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