Functionbeats and Role Name Error

I have an error when building a functionbeat lambda to ship other lambdas logs to elastic cloud.
The reason is that the name is too long. According to the documentation should be ~20 chars long, but in this case is 16 chars long and it fails.

  - name: logmyproject-devstag

I tracked down to this line of code

I exported the function using 7.12.1 I see that the role name

"RoleName": "functionbeat-lambda-logmyproject-devstag-eyAiUmVmIjogIkFXUzo6UmVnaW9uIiB9"

The issue I detected is that eyAiUmVmIjogIkFXUzo6UmVnaW9uIiB9 is the base64 of
{ "Ref": "AWS::Region" }

How can I fix this?

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