Forward azure logs with syslog?

Sorry for the dumb questions (newbie here) but is there any way of forwarding azure logs from Logstash to another SIEM product? I configured our ELK stack to receive Azure events from the cloud with Logstash azure module but i can't use pipeline to forward it to syslog? I read somewhere in this forum that it is not possible to use modules and pipelines at the same time on the same instance but the topic was dated on 2018 so have there been some updates that could make it happen what i'm trying to achieve here? I get this info in the messages -log:
Ignoring the 'pipelines.yml' file because modules or command line options are specified

Don't know if Filebeat could do this but it is not an option on our case as we need to use proxy for the connections to the cloud and as far as i know, Filebeat does not support proxies at the moment?

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