Forwarding logs from filebeat to logstash via a proxy server (or something similar)


I'm looking for a way to forward my logs with filebeat from one environment to a remote logstash that sits in a different location than my environment.

The issue is that the logstash server is closed to outside connection and the person who is managing it won't open the port for outside IP's allowing my filbeat to ship the logs.

What I can do is create a new server in the account the logstash server sits and open it to my outside environment IP.

My question is how do I move the logs from filebeat to logsatsh with the new server in the middle?

Is there a way to create my own logstash server and forward the output to the mail logsatsh server?
Or create a proxy server? if so how? what do I configure in the output?
I'm open to any ideas.



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