Forwarding logs

I'm trying to set up a log spooling system where application logs sent by applications from one region is spooled and sent to another region.

Since logstash-forwarder is deprecated, I was thinking of how to do this without resorting to a temporary file then using filebeats.

Does it make sense to use lumberjack output to do something like this (since according to the lumberjack input documentation the Beats input supports the lumberjack protocol)

Logstash forwarder was deprecated and replaced by Filebeat quite a long time ago. Why not just have Filebeat and Metricbeat send directly to Logstash?

Where I put logstash-forwarder is basically logstash that has an output plugin using lumberjack to send to another logstash using beats.

If that case it looks OK to me.

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