Logstash to logstash

Hi everyone

we have a big network with a lot of subnets. i want to send logs from each subnets to a logstash server in that subnet then that logstash server send to central logstash server in another subnet. is there any solution for this scenario?

server send logs - > logstash 1 -> central logstash

server -> logstash2 -> central logstash

Use lumberjack inputs and outputs.

thanks a lot :slight_smile:

i use filebeat for each server for shipping log to logstash server . i think lumberjack or logstash forwarder old version of filebeat. is that right?

Yes, logstash-forwarder is the predecessor to Filebeat and it uses the lumberjack protocol that the lumberjack plugins for Logstash also uses. That protocol is similar to the beats protocol.

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