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Hello, this is my first post here!

I have a very common question and I just need some advice on how to proceed.

I am building a search feature for a live betting platform. Our main content is a sports event. The searchable fields would be the event name, league name and sport name. It would be good for the business to be able to return a larger set of data as a search result.

For instance I want to present the major odds for the sports event. There is no need for the odds to be searchable, but if I am about to present this info, it has to be "accurate". Please note that when an event is live, the odds may change several times within a minute.

Let's say that I monitor these changes and that I manage to update the index up on change.
Should I add some limit on how frequently I perform the partial update? Is there any threshold here?
For example is 1 minute ok? Should I perform the partial updates more often?
Is this going to affect the performance or the accuracy of the search?

Would it be preferable to store the odds in another index and access it by id with a second batch query?

Should I just exclude the odds from the search results as the process of making it performant and accurate costs to much?

Thank you.

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