Frozen Tier

What's the difference between searchable snapshots and the frozen tier? Reading the documentation is looks like Frozen tier uses searchable snapshots and reading the searchable snapshot documentation it looks like the only place its used is in the frozen/cold tiers.

Frozen tier is listed under the basic license and searchable snapshots requires the enterprise license. What do you get from the searchable snapshots licensed feature?

Take a look at this... perhaps it will help

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Stephen, thanks for the clarification about new versus deprecated frozen tiers. It is still unclear to me the difference between the new frozen tier using searchable snapshots included with basic license and searchable snapshots included with the enterprise license. If you have the enterprise license does that mean you can configure a search snapshot on indices on other tiers?

There is no searchable snapshots with the basic tier.

Therefore, there is no Frozen with searchable snapshots in the basic tier.

Searchable snapshots only exist in the enterprise here at this time.

The only Frozen that existed in the basic tier is the deprecated one and it did not use searchable snapshots.

Thanks for clearing that up, I will close this topic.

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