FsCrawler add script to _settings.yaml file

Hi everyone,

I have a lot of geotagged photos (among other geodata).
I have imported them into Elastic (v7.11) with FsCrawler (v2.9 for es7). It's working pretty well.
But, the fields "latitude" "longitude" taken from the files are written into Elastic index as "text" type.
I was wondering if it is possible to add a script into the _settings.yaml file of the FsCrawler job to remap this 2 fields into a geo_point type field (location for ex.).
Or, is there a better way to achieve this task ?
I have to add that I am very new to ES and FsCrawler :slight_smile: , so sorry for my basic question.

I think that you need to use an ingest pipeline which renames the fields and may be transform text to numbers.

You can declare this pipeline in FSCrawler settings then.

Thanks for the answer.
I will try this solution.
Unfortunatly, I will be on the field for the next 3 weeks. I won't be able to try soon. And I will have a lot of reading (Elastic doc. ...) to do before.

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