Fscrawler, error 415 when using REST API for upload PDF file

Trying to use the REST API service of the fscrawler. When using the POST MAN with PDF file, the app is answering with the 415 code - unsupported media type

Content-Type header is correct with application/pdf.

Using POST to the /_document?debug=true . Nothing in the log.

I think you need to use multipart/form-data.

Thank you. I have checked this according to the source code and changed the calling from postman. But now im getting stucked with error 500. In the log i can see just this line 2023-10-25 22:52:32 20:52:32,151 DEBUG [f.p.e.c.f.r.RestApi] uploadToDocumentService(true, null, null, null, ...)

Could you try with curl as in the documentation? I'd like to know if this "because of" Postman and then what needs to done.

with curl it is working

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