Fscrawler save binary , base64


I want to save file binary with fscrawler without extract file contents.

But when i set the "indexed_chars" : "1000", Can't save file binary fully (More than 70MB)

it is also same when i set the "indexed_chars" : "1000".

I want to save only binary with "attachment" field.

who knows the solutions?

Where do you want to save it? In elasticsearch?

That is not recommended to store blobs in elasticsearch. I wonder why would you want to do it, specifically if you don't want to index its content.

But you can use:

In the future I'd also like to implement this feature which might help to solve your use case:

Thanks for your reply.
Based on your 2 things,
"store_source" : true && "index_content" : false

==> Not store the source....

"Index_content" have to "true" when store source..

But i want to set the "index_content" : false

Not store the source....

What do you mean? What is a typical document look like when you are using this option?

For example, word or excel files.

conf ==>
"store_source" : true
"index_content" : true
"indexed_chars" : "-1"

==> Successfully save the binary attachment.

"store_source" : true
"index_content" : false
"indexed_chars" : "-1"

==> Not save the binary attachment.

Actually i want to save the binary attachment without text extraction.

I see. It's a bug.

Could you open an issue?

OK. Thanks for your reply !.

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