Fscrawler - update existing record

I need to search documents by its content and some custom customer data. So my idea is to use fscrawler to extract content from documents and keep it with custom customer data in one index for easy searching.

So the process is:

  1. index document with custom customer data and ID which will use fscrawler for file processing
  2. copy file to dedicated folder to be processed by fscrawler
  3. fscralwer extracts content of the file and puts it to the index (pairing document by ID)

Problem here is, that fscrawler overwrites document I have created removing all my custom data. Is it possible to configure somehow fscrawler to keep these custom data? To just update the document, not completely overwrite it.

I can achieve complete data in one index by moving point 1 to the end and using 'UpdateDocument' instead of 'IndexDocument'. But then I need to wait for fscrawler data, so I would like to avoid this approach.

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