FSCrawler - windows - path does not exist


I am trying to index files from remote windows server using fsCrawler. I gave the path in _settings file as c:\\ESFiles and c:/ESFiles. but below error is coming in logs.

03:12:56,586 INFO  [f.p.e.c.f.c.BootstrapChecks] Memory [Free/Total=Percent]: HEAP [145.3mb/1.7gb=8.22%], RAM [1.2gb/7.7gb=15.52%], Swap [4kb/511.9mb=0.0%].
03:12:58,459 INFO  [f.p.e.c.f.c.v.ElasticsearchClientV7] Elasticsearch Client for version 7.x connected to a node running version 7.5.1
03:12:58,553 INFO  [f.p.e.c.f.FsCrawlerImpl] Starting FS crawler
03:12:58,874 INFO  [f.p.e.c.f.FsParserAbstract] FS crawler started for [test_win] for [c:\ESFiles] every [15m]
03:13:02,670 WARN  [f.p.e.c.f.FsParserAbstract] Error while crawling c:\ESFiles: c:\ESFiles doesn't exists.
03:13:02,678 INFO  [f.p.e.c.f.FsParserAbstract] FS crawler is stopping after 1 run
03:13:02,740 INFO  [f.p.e.c.f.FsCrawlerImpl] FS crawler [test_win] stopped
03:13:02,746 INFO  [f.p.e.c.f.FsCrawlerImpl] FS crawler [test_win] stopped

I have openSSH enabled in the windows server, when I logged using ssh, I can see the files under same path.

lshtwy@WinTest1 C:\ESFiles>dir
 Volume in drive C is Windows
 Volume Serial Number is BA06-AED5

 Directory of C:\ESFiles

05/26/2020  02:30 AM    <DIR>          .
05/26/2020  02:30 AM    <DIR>          ..
05/26/2020  02:24 AM            40,209 windows_test_file1.txt
05/26/2020  02:26 AM            40,204 windows_test_file2.txt
05/26/2020  02:28 AM            40,199 windows_test_file3.doc
               3 File(s)        120,612 bytes
               2 Dir(s)  116,340,092,928 bytes free

I tried C:\\ESFiles, C:/ESFiles also copied the three files to another location and tried with \\ instead of \.
But nothing seems to be working.
Could you please help me!


Have a look at https://fscrawler.readthedocs.io/en/latest/admin/fs/ssh.html#windows-drives

You probably need to use:

url: "/C:/ESFiles"
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Worked! Thank you so much!!

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