Fsusedsize in dbstats of mongodb


I am trying to show the fs size of mongodb. Which i can get by using statement in mongodb as db.stats(). But when I fetch the data using metricbeat mongodb module it is not fetching the fsusedsize, fstotal size.
I have enabled the mongodb module dbstats.

below is the outcome from mongodb when I use db.stats()

"collections" : 1,
"views" : 0,
"objects" : 184080,
"avgObjSize" : 407.947099087353,
"dataSize" : 75094902.0,
"storageSize" : 15323136.0,
"numExtents" : 0,
"indexes" : 1,
"indexSize" : 7761920.0,
"fsUsedSize" : 1715961856.0,
"fsTotalSize" : 101327663104.0,
"ok" : 1.0

Any help will be really appreciated.

Hi @chandu5565 :slightly_smiling_face:

The current version of Metricbeat doesn't fetch those parameters. If you want you can open a enhancement request in the Github repo https://github.com/elastic/beats

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