Metricbeat Mongodb dbstats release?

Hi !
Great job with the metricbeat and mongodb module. Im using the last metricbeat tagged version (5.2.1) but i cannot enable the dbstats metricset.

Looking around the github commits, i've found that it is at the Master branch since January 11 (

¿ Is it going to be released at the next tagged versión any time soon ?

I don't like the idea of using the nightly build at PROD and developing a simple python script is kind of anti-centralization and anti-easy-maintenance (and not DRY)

Thank you

Glad you like it. dbstats will be in the 5.3 release. It is already tagged but currently in the testing phase: If you are interested in the testing build, I can share the link with you, but I would need to know which package you need.

Great ! We are currenly runnig the 64 deb package. But if it is already in testing phase, i guess it ill be out in a few weeks,

Thank you the info !

Yeah, it should be out in a few weeks. Here is the current testing build: Please be aware, that it is a testing build, but feedback is more then welcome :wink:

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