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Hello All, I am interested to capture ,load and visualize MongoDB performance metrics using MetricBeat with ElasticSearch with the below sample dashboard.

Here's the below sample linnk which I am interested to setup the Mongo Metrics.!(),options:(darkTheme:!f),panels:!((col:1,id:Navigation,panelIndex:1,row:1,size_x:3,size_y:4,type:visualization),(col:4,id:MongoDB-errors,panelIndex:2,row:1,size_x:5,size_y:4,type:visualization),(col:9,id:MongoDB-commands,panelIndex:3,row:1,size_x:4,size_y:4,type:visualization),(col:1,id:MongoDB-errors-per-collection,panelIndex:4,row:5,size_x:4,size_y:3,type:visualization),(col:5,id:MongoDB-in-slash-out-throughput,panelIndex:5,row:5,size_x:4,size_y:3,type:visualization),(col:9,id:Number-of-MongoDB-transactions-with-writeConcern-w-equal-0,panelIndex:8,row:5,size_x:4,size_y:3,type:visualization),(col:1,id:MongoDB-response-times-by-collection,panelIndex:6,row:8,size_x:8,size_y:5,type:visualization),(col:9,id:Top-slowest-MongoDB-queries,panelIndex:7,row:8,size_x:4,size_y:5,type:visualization)),query:(query_string:(analyze_wildcard:!t,query:'*')),title:'Packetbeat%20MongoDB%20performance',uiState:(P-7:(vis:(params:(sort:(columnIndex:!n,direction:!n))))))

Can someone please send me the instructions to setup.

Many thanks

(Mark Walkom) #2

That is packetbeat, not metricbeat. See for getting started.

(Karunakarkotha) #3

how can we use packet beat to capture the mongoDB metrics ?

(Christian Dahlqvist) #4

Packetbeat captures network traffic. If you are looking for performance metrics, take a look at Metricbeat instead.

(Karunakarkotha) #5

@warkolm @Christian_Dahlqvist
Thanks to Marka and Christian ,

am fine with Metricbeat and packetbeat as long as I am able to collect MongoDB Performance metrics.

Coudl you please suggest which one should I use or from where to start

(Steffen Siering) #6

Have you had a look at metricbeat docs (getting started guide) and the provided metricbeat full config? The full config contains a sample configuration with comments:

(Karunakarkotha) #7

Is there any way to caputure belwo metrcis using logstash or metricbeat or packetbeat for MONGODB

sharding status
indexStats and Usage
Slow running Queries
Errors per collection

(Carlos Pérez Aradros) #8

@karunakarkotha you can check the current metricsets supported by metricbeat:

and the fields you can obtain from packetbeat:

I think they cover most of what you want so probably you can refer to the documentation and give them a try:

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