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Hello All, I am interested to capture ,load and visualize MongoDB performance metrics using MetricBeat with ElasticSearch with the below sample dashboard.

Here's the below sample linnk which I am interested to setup the Mongo Metrics.!(),options:(darkTheme:!f),panels:!((col:1,id:Navigation,panelIndex:1,row:1,size_x:3,size_y:4,type:visualization),(col:4,id:MongoDB-errors,panelIndex:2,row:1,size_x:5,size_y:4,type:visualization),(col:9,id:MongoDB-commands,panelIndex:3,row:1,size_x:4,size_y:4,type:visualization),(col:1,id:MongoDB-errors-per-collection,panelIndex:4,row:5,size_x:4,size_y:3,type:visualization),(col:5,id:MongoDB-in-slash-out-throughput,panelIndex:5,row:5,size_x:4,size_y:3,type:visualization),(col:9,id:Number-of-MongoDB-transactions-with-writeConcern-w-equal-0,panelIndex:8,row:5,size_x:4,size_y:3,type:visualization),(col:1,id:MongoDB-response-times-by-collection,panelIndex:6,row:8,size_x:8,size_y:5,type:visualization),(col:9,id:Top-slowest-MongoDB-queries,panelIndex:7,row:8,size_x:4,size_y:5,type:visualization)),query:(query_string:(analyze_wildcard:!t,query:'*')),title:'Packetbeat%20MongoDB%20performance',uiState:(P-7:(vis:(params:(sort:(columnIndex:!n,direction:!n))))))

Can someone please send me the instructions to setup.

Many thanks

That is packetbeat, not metricbeat. See for getting started.

how can we use packet beat to capture the mongoDB metrics ?

Packetbeat captures network traffic. If you are looking for performance metrics, take a look at Metricbeat instead.

@warkolm @Christian_Dahlqvist
Thanks to Marka and Christian ,

am fine with Metricbeat and packetbeat as long as I am able to collect MongoDB Performance metrics.

Coudl you please suggest which one should I use or from where to start

Have you had a look at metricbeat docs (getting started guide) and the provided metricbeat full config? The full config contains a sample configuration with comments:

Is there any way to caputure belwo metrcis using logstash or metricbeat or packetbeat for MONGODB

sharding status
indexStats and Usage
Slow running Queries
Errors per collection

@karunakarkotha you can check the current metricsets supported by metricbeat:

and the fields you can obtain from packetbeat:

I think they cover most of what you want so probably you can refer to the documentation and give them a try:

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