Metric Beat No PostgreSQL Dashboard Found

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Hi there guys

I configured metricbeat to monitor a postgresql database, but I noticed that there is no metricbeat dashboard by default, only for MongoDB, is that correct? is there any template out there that I missed to add?


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Yes, there is a shipped PSQL module on metricbeat:

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Hi Xavy

Yes, there is a pgsql module which I configured in metribeat.yml, my question is that I see no template or default
Metricbeat-PosgreSQL dashboard as there is for MongoDB, for Redis, Apache, is there a template that I need to add to ES to represent the data on the board? did I myself clear?


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HI there:

Sorry I misunderstood you. Still there is a Kibana Dashboard available:

Have you run the import_dashboards script?

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Thank you buddy

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