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Is there a way to set "Full screen" mode as default for a dashboard? The goal is that every time we call the dashboard, it will open in full screen mode, without having to click on the button.

A way to obtain a share link from the dashboard including the full screen option would work as well.

I already tried this Maximize dashboard by default. But it does not work. Perhaps I do not know how to implement it.

Using ELK 6.8.9

Any help is welcome!

Hey @ManuelF,

The fullscreen mode is controlled by fullScreenMode:!t indeed, but it can be hard to place it in the URL correctly.

I have quite a naive solution for you: you can just copy the URL of the dashboard when it's in a full screen state and use that.

Could that work?

Hi @Liza_Katz,

Thank you for your interest on my issue. I tried your solution, but when I use that URL and follow the link to the dashboard, I always get warning/error messages from Kibana stating I have to use the share link feature instead of copying the URL from the address bar. I believe that when I copy the URL from the address bar, it contains some variables that should not be present or at least visible, and Kibana note that somehow

It would be great to have same "share" option while editing the dashboard in Full Screen mode, so the link it's generated including the full screen option.

Any other way I could try? I am ready to try more ideas.

Thank you


Another options is adding the embed=true parameter to the URL.
So if you take the short share URL, it would be https://my-kibana/someKEY?embed=true.

This will show full screen by default, but you won't have the "Back to Kibana" link.

Hi @Liza_Katz,

Thank you one more time for helping me. That was awesome! The solution you provided it is almost what I need. Indeed the dashboards will load in Full Screen mode as expected, but there is a detail: There is a new button "Add a filter +" showing up in the top left corner, that does not shows up if I manually change to Full Screen mode. We don't want regular users to be able to use such filters since it shows index variables that should not be exposed.


Is there a way to remove/hide that button? That would be the last missing piece :wink:

Thank you

This feature exists in newer versions, but unfortunately I'm not aware of a way to hide it in embed mode in 6.x.

Hi, @Liza_Katz,

Perhaps switching to the most recent version will solve this issue, but it is a more complex process as I have a lot of things linked to my current version. That is why I need a quick fix while still using v6.8.9, after that I can plan without rush for the big upgrade.

What about editing some CSS file to just comment the line that generate that code? Could you point me in the right direction to look for it?

Is there a place where I can insert code display: none; as used in https://github.com/elastic/kibana/issues/5056 at the end? This might be just a temporary solution/workaround, but it looks like I can fix my problem if I am able to use it.

The newer versions apply a much more complete and complex solution, giving users the option to show or hide filters at will. And I think this is great, but for now I just need to hide it on every dashboard that shows in embed mode, but not for all Kibana.

Please excuse me if I'm asking too much

Thank you

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