Functionality of "template" field on templates?

When setting up the basic beats system, there are default templates given in the package named as ___beat.template.json or ___beat.template-es6x.json (which apparently seem to be identical) (fill ___ with one of the beat's name). When I look at them, all of them end with a "template" parameter:

"template": "___beat-*"

When I search them, they just appear as one of the top-level field of the template (url obfuscated for confidentiality):

  "filebeat_test": {
    "order": 0,
    "template": "filebeat-*",

I'd like to know what this "template" field is used for, since it neither defines the name of the template nor seems to work as an index.

This should solve your questions:

Be aware that the setting was renamed in ES 6 to index_patterns.

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