Functionbeat failing to deploy due to Alphanumeric Error

I'm trying to deploy Functionbeat with CloudWatch triggers that have dashes and underscores. I'm unable to do so, as I get an error message saying:

Function: elasticfunctionbeat, could not deploy, error: ValidationError: Template format error: Resource name fnbelasticfunctionbeatSubscriptionFilterawslambdanovaaccountmusacancel_pre_configure is non alphanumeric.

I understand this ValidationError is caused by AWS's restrictions to Alphanumeric names for Resources in CloudFormation (AWS).

The original log group that the Functionbeat is subscribed to is: /aws/lambda/nova-account-musa-cancel_pre_configure

The CloudFormation resource that was created is the following:

"fnbelasticfunctionbeatSubscriptionFilterawslambdanovaaccountmusaupdate_status_info": {
      "Properties": {
        "DestinationArn": {
          "Fn::GetAtt": [
        "FilterPattern": "",
        "LogGroupName": "/aws/lambda/nova-account-musa-update_status_info"
      "Type": "AWS::Logs::SubscriptionFilte

Looking at the CloudFormation resource that Functionbeat creates from the functionbeat.yml, the dashes get converted to "" but the underscores remain underscores, causing the ValidationError.

Version: functionbeat-6.5.2-darwin-x86_64

Has anyone else run into this issue?

Thats a bug on our side that should be either catched by our config or normalized, would you mind creating an issue on our bug tracker at

How long does it usually take to get a response/acknowledgement from the development team?

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