Functionbeat GCP pub/sub requiring storage entry point when only pub/sub is enabled

Deploying functionbeat on GCP with entry point RunPubSub returns an error complaining about storage entry point, which I am not using.

I get the following error upon deploy

Deployment failure:
Build failed: # functions.local/app/main
src/functions.local/app/main/main.go:43:21: undefined: storage.RunPubSub; Error ID: 2f5e35a0

The problem is ,as I noticed it, Functionbeat is requiring storage entry point. I am NOT using the gcp storage functionality, I am using pub/sub functionality with RunPubSub. Why is it requiring the storage entry point? I am not able to provide multiple entry points to my knowledge.

  1. Package functionbeat using LINUX X86_64 7.13.4 up using the following command
./functionbeat  export function pubsub -c functionbeat-file.yml
  1. Go into GCP function and go through creating a cloud function steps, upload the packaed zip,
  2. add entry point "RunPubSub"
  3. Select Golang version 1.16 in order to avoid another bug (functionbeat 7.12 can't deploy -- unknown field 'VerifyConnection' in struct literal of type tls.Config · Issue #24925 · elastic/beats · GitHub). <<< Selecting 1.13 will yield this error. Keep in mind the runtime of the function is GoLang 1.13 (could this be the problem?)
 ./functionbeat export function pubsub |grep runtime
    runtime: go113

My config file

functionbeat.provider.gcp.location_id: "us-central1"

functionbeat.provider.gcp.project_id: "some-project"

functionbeat.provider.gcp.storage_name: "some-bucket"

  - name: pubsub
    enabled: true
    type: pubsub

    description: "Google Cloud Function for Pub/Sub"
    memory_size: 512MB
    timeout: 60s
    service_account_email: some-email

      resource: "some-topic"
- add_cloud_metadata:
    providers: ["gcp"]
- add_fields:
    target: field
      sourcetype: test
      service: logging
- drop_event:
         field.sourcetype: ".*"
logging.level: info
logging.json: true
  hosts: ["some-host"]
  pipelining: 0
  max_retries: 0
  ttl: 30s
setup.ilm.enabled: false
setup.template.enabled: false
  config: ./
  home: ./

Relating: Functionbeat missing package io/fs - #10 by Edoardo_Tenani

I wonder even if I manage to get this to run if I will run into this

GCP/FunctionBeat Errors [cannot find matching process for pid=1, name version already used] · Issue #25596 · elastic/beats · GitHub 1

Keep in mind the runtime of the function is GoLang 1.13 (could this be the problem?)
recompiled the functionbeat binary as goLang 1.16 and repackaged, same error.

You should avoid getting functionbeat to run on cloud function. It doesn't work and it will never reach a proper release. Edoardo told me about using a GCP dataflow template and it's working fine so far. The downside is the cost tho.

Thanks, - just surprised that they included gcp support for so long until 7.15

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