Functionbeat Sending to Wrong Index

I'm attempting to change the index that FunctionBeat sends to. Here is my configuration: "gatsby-deploy"
  - name: EcsStagingLogs
    enabled: true
    type: cloudwatch_logs
    description: "Lambda function for transferring 'staging' logs from Cloudwatch 'ecs/staging' to ELK stack."
      - log_group_name: /ecs/staging "Logs:{cloudinfo}"
cloud.auth: "elastic:{cloudpassowrd}"
setup.template.overwrite: true "ecs_staging"
setup.template.pattern: "ecs_staging-*"
output.elasticsearch.index: "ecs_staging-%{+yyyy.MM.dd}"

 - decode_json_fields:
     fields: ["message"]
     process_array: false
     max_depth: 3
     target: ""
     overwrite_keys: true

It appears to be working, but sends logs to "functionbeat-7.1.1" with no date component to the index.

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