General Search Not working on Field

I'm using FunctionBeat to export ECS logs to Elastic Cloud. Here is my configuration: "gatsby-deploy"
  - name: ProdServiceLogs
    enabled: true
    type: cloudwatch_logs
    description: "Lambda function for transferring 'prod' logs from Cloudwatch '/services/container/prod' to ELK stack index (prod-services)."
      - log_group_name: /services/container/prod "XXXX"
cloud.auth: "XXXX"
output.elasticsearch.index: "prod-services-%{+yyyy.MM.dd}" "prod-services"
setup.template.pattern: "prod-services-*"
setup.ilm.rollover_alias: "prod-services"

  - if:
        message: "^{"
      - decode_json_fields:
          fields: ["message"]
          process_array: false
          max_depth: 3
          target: ""
          overwrite_keys: true
      - rename:
            - from: "service"
              to: ""

We as part of the Json log entry we have a field user.username which has the customers email. It gets populated correctly, but if I do a search "" it doesn't show up. But if I do user.username: "", it shows up correctly.

We have another service that uses Logstash, that also processes the similar logs, and creates two fields user.username and user.username.keyword. The general search works correctly here.

I noticed that the FunctionBeat makes user.username aggregatable, but user.username in Logstash version is not, just the user.username.keyword is.

How can I make FunctionBeat work like Logstash so I get two fields and user.username is searchable with general search?

What does your index template look like for prod-services-*?

So, I didn't setup anything special in the templates. I just deployed FunctionBeat with the configuration above and it created the everything on ElasticSearch. I then created the Index Pattern for Kibana, but that is it. That said, here is a link to what I think is the template.

Elastic Search Template

Hmm, that link doesn't work for me.

If you post your index mappings/settings we can create a set of Console commands to try to reproduce the issue and see where the behaviors diverge.

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