Future of conf.d Directory

I noticed that sometime recently mentions of the conf.d directory was pulled out of the documentation. Is this being deprecated?

We prefer using the conf.d directory, but don't want to continue doing it if the plan is to pull it out at some point in the future (though it does appear to still work in the 1/18 nightly).


I assume you refer to the additional prospector config files. The approach we follow is that you can point it to any folder that has the config files inside (not necessarly only conf.d). There are currently no plans to remove this feature.

Please let me know if you meant something differently.

Yep - that's exactly what I was referring to. I didn't realize it would work with any directory.

Glad to hear there are no plans to remove it.

As a best practice whether only additional prospector configuration needs to be included in the config files of conf.d folder or any other configuration parameters can be included.

@mruthyu please open a new discussion. This one is 1 year old and things on config reloading might have changed since. Also, it's not clear to me what exactly your question is here.