Fuzzy contains on wild card fields

Hi guys,
I'm struggling to do a "fuzzy contains" search on fields with wildcards.
The index looks like:
"property": {
"title": {
"_en": "sample movie",
"_fr": "exemple"

My first try was sth. like
"fuzzy": {
"property.title._*.tokenized": {
"fuzziness": "AUTO",
"prefix_length": 1,
"value": "movei"

But fuzzy query doesn't support wildcard fields. So I tried to use a query string:
"query_string": {
"fields": ["property.title._*.tokenized"],
"fuzziness": "AUTO",
"fuzzy_prefix_length": 1,
"query": "*movei~*"

But this returns just everything that has a value on property.title.
Additional information:

  • "*movie*" as query parameter works as normal contains
  • "sample movei~" as query parameter works as normal "fuzzy equals"

Any ideas how this could be combined which would result in a fuzzy contains? I'm still on ES 6.5.

Thanks in advance for any help :slight_smile:

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