Garbage Collection problem

Hi, my cluster has 4 nodes with 3 shards and 1 replica. Every node has 16G RAM and 8 cores CPU. About 50-60G data per day and now there's 55 indices, 234 shards and 2T total data.
The GC problem is a little serious, and how could I improve it?
Besides, I found that when I query through Dev Tools, it would return bad gateway and timeout sometimes and the index rate become very slowly. In addition, when I display the dashboard, the index rate would become very slowly too. How can I improve this problem?

thank you in advance :slight_smile:

May be 234 shards for 4 nodes is too much?

so 4 nodes with 2 primary shards is better?
If yes, I will tune it.

whether 2 primary shards slow down the query speed?

I think I already shared that with but let's do it in case I did not.

Look at the following resources about sizing:

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could the Force Merge improve the search query speed or reduce the nodes pressure?

Improve search: probably. As long as you are not writing anymore to the indices.
Reduce pressure: I'm unsure

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