Garbage collector issue on elasticsearch 2.2.4

Hi ,
we are facing some garbage collector issues during write batch procedures in our Production environment composed by 8 nodes with elastic 2.2.4 and 1.8.0_121-b13, below some related gc logs:
2018-10-10T19:36:02.046+0200: 123219.639: Total time for which application threads were stopped: 4.5758320 seconds , Stopping threads took: 0.0006363 seconds
2018-10-10T19:36:15.596+0200: 123233.188: Total time for which application threads were stopped: 13.5490125 seconds , Stopping threads took: 0.0003825 seconds
I changed our configuration from an ES_HEAP_SIZE of 4G with 16GB RAM available per each node to an ES_HEAP_SIZE of 16GB with 32GB RAM available per each node .
During these issues the cluster is completely stuck and a rolling restart is needed.
I kindly ask you:

  1. if this new configuration is the right one , will fix or instead will worse the "garbage collection" performance.
  2. if there is any related bug on that version of elasticsearch .
  3. We are migrating to elasticsearch version 5.6.8 , do you think is helpful for this issue?

Thanks a lot
Best Regards

Increasing heap will help, it's too hard to say if it will fix it because we don't know much about your cluster.

You should really upgrade to 6.X if you can, it will help and is the current latest major version.

which detail do you need about my cluster ?

is there any bug related to garbage collector on elasticsearch 2.2.4 , any wrong cluster configuration or any wrong implementation of the ingestion procedure that may trigger this issue ?
Thanks a lot for your help

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