Gateway settings

Hello Team,

I am using ES version 7.9.3. I just want to confirm regarding gateway settings. I am having hot,warm and cold architecture.

Master nodes : 3
Data nodes: 13 (hot nodes : 3, cold nodes: 6, warm nodes : 4)

What should be recover_after_data_nodes ? How we decide this as in your doc below is mentioned and I am confused on this.
Recover as long as this many data nodes have joined the cluster.
and I am having 13 data nodes so I have put Expected data_nodes : 13.


It depends on your cluster topology and architecture, things like replicas and shard counts as well.
You'd probably need to look at what sort of allocation pressure would happen if you lost N nodes in each tier, and go from there.

Also 7.9 is EOL. Please upgrade as 7.16 is latest and 8.0 is not far off being GA.

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