Gather metrics with lower resolution


I'm a longtime Elastic Stack user but new to Metricbeat. I installed it on a few machines last week to test it out and have a few questions :slight_smile:

Is there a way to down sample or adjust the resolution of metrics? I thought that period in a module configuration would be how often metrics are read but seams like it is how often metrics are shipped. Is that correct?

On of my tests is using the RabbitMQ module and I'm getting almost 5K metrics per minute from just one host. I guess every transaction gets its own metric. I could do with much less... Anyway to configure that?

Any tips are welcome :smiley:


Hello! period is set for how ofen the metricsets are excuted. The first thing about getting less metrics is to enable only the metricsets you need. For RabbitMQ, there are 4 different metricsets available: connection, exchange, node and queue:

Hi @Kaiyan_Sheng,

thank you very much for the reply. It will definitely help to configure which metricsets to ship :+1:

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