Gc - allocation failure

I found something in gc.log. I try to find any info in the Internet what it means but I didn't. What should I do to fix it and where set proper value(s)?

Entering safepoint region: GenCollectForAllocation
GC(1) Pause Young (Allocation Failure)
GC(1) Using 1 workers of 1 for evacuation
GC(1) Desired survivor size 4358144 bytes, new threshold 1 (max threshold 6)
GC(1) Age table with threshold 1 (max threshold 6)
GC(1) - age   1:    6301880 bytes,    6301880 total
GC(1) ParNew: 68160K->6176K(76672K)
GC(1) CMS: 0K->0K(682816K)
GC(1) Metaspace: 22018K->22018K(1069056K)
GC(1) Pause Young (Allocation Failure) 66M->6M(741M) 15.043ms
GC(1) User=0.01s Sys=0.00s Real=0.02s
Leaving safepoint region

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