GCP PubSub input stops suddenly due to RST_STREAM

I'm currently using Filebeat 7.17.5 in Docker pulled from the official docker repository

I keep getting this error at random intervals since 19th July 2022 (I have been using Filebeat for >1 year) which stops pubsub logs from ever getting consumed by Filebeat afterwards

{"pubsub_project": "$GCP_PROJECT_NAME", "pubsub_topic": "$PUBSUB_TOPIC_NAME", "pubsub_subscription": {"Name":"$PUBSUB_NAME","NumGoroutines":1,"MaxOutstandingMessages":1000,"Create":true}}

Is this a bug or is there a problem w/ GCP Pubsub recently?

This line doesn't look like an error. Can you enable debug logs to see more?

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