GCS Snapshots suddenly failing in ECK

Hello Elastic Wizards!

I'm on ECK 0.8 at the moment, and I have been using the snapshot functionality on GCP quite successfully, with no issues for a long time. I followed these instructions and it has been working quite well. I literally have not touched the cluster in forever. I went to check on my snapshots, and I now notice that since a few weeks ago, I get partial shard failures .

Nothing changed in the cluster state during this time. I've gone over elastic logs for those days, nothing was upgraded or added.

The errors look like this:

If there were an error accessing the bucket, you would think that all of the indices would fail.

Am I missing something obvious here?

Thanks for reading,


For anybody stumbling around trying to solve this issue for themselves, I've gotten it to disappear by literally just creating a new service account, and using it instead.