Generate multiple repots from multiple searches/indices

Hello, I need to send a weekly report to multiple institutions, the report is a dashboard that will be the same for everyone, the only difference is that each institution has a dedicated index and will see different results.
I was looking at watcher to create & send the reports automatically each week, but how can I make the report only show results from a specific index without create multiple reports/dashboard in advance?

You can't do that with Watcher. This is a Kibana constraint. How do you look at this data now, without reporting?

If you don't do that right now, the first step is to set that up in Kibana. Most likely this means a different dashboard for each institution full of different visualizations that only use their specific index pattern.

Thanks joe_Fleming.
I found another way to accomplish this, I've created a reporting user for each institution with appropriate access rights to each index.
This way when Watcher generates a report, a different user is used for each institution and the results are limited only to the indices with read rights.

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