Generating metricbeat index pattern


following beats developer guide I mange to install go. My goal is to change default metricbeat index pattern. I clone git repo, run make command & make update. Command make update created fields.yml file. I add my custom field to fields.yml and run again make update command. After this action I released that fields.yml file is rewritten.

Developer guide mention if you want to change index pattern just run make update command. So what I am doing wrong?


I manage to solve problem on my own. If someone have the same problem procedure is following.

In my case I add fields to module system/process:

  1. Git clone
  2. Add custom fields to $GOPATH/src/ file
  3. Run make command in metricbeat directory
  4. Run make update command in metricbeat directory

and that's it :slight_smile:.


Thank you for posting the solution!

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