Geo_distance filter not working on nested location data 2.3.5

version: elasticsearch: stable 2.3.5, devel 5.0.0-alpha5, HEAD. OSX, java 8_102

I've used a nested location, and running into an issue of 'failed to find geo_point field [location]' when doing a nested query.

I found this post from 2015 that is doing something very similar to what I'm doing, and it is also giving me the same error when I go to run the nested geo_distance query:

Running a non-nested query on the location like this doesn't give an error but also doesn't give results (which makes sense since locations are nested):

curl -XGET 'localhost:9200/test-idx/doc/_search' -d '
"filter": {
	"geo_distance_range": {
		"distance": "600km",
		"seller.address.location": {"lat": 49.00331,
                            "lon": 2.0834715}

I'm new and probably doing something silly :slight_smile: Thanks in advance!