Geo IP throwing wrong Country names

Hi Elastic,

Geo IP Plugin is not populating correct information. and for some of the IPs it is not showing the City Name.

Ex: This IP belongs to Bangalore and India, but in Kibana it is showing as Dallas, USA.

Based on this we generating some alerts, this is in Production and our Support team will take an action on this.

Below is the configuration:

           		add_tag => [ "GeoIP" ]
           		source => "public_ip"
           		add_field => ["[geoip][coordinates]","%{[geoip][longitude]}"]
           		add_field => ["[geoip][coordinates]","%{[geoip][latitude]}"]

      			convert => [ "[geoip][coordinates]", "float" ]

You would need to update the database it uses, what is provided is only a snapshot in time and IP allocation can change.

Thanks Mark,

Kindly advise me how to update the Database

Download it from Maxmind and then use to point to the updated database file.